Swings of love

Let us tell you about the last woman in the world with her swings…

She is doing her last act in front of you…

Just listen to her…

She will tell you many things…

Try to understand what she wants to convey…

May be, you will not meet her again…

Red, Blue, Black, Purple and White swings will be left afterall.

She is in front of you, moments before her parting…

Thereafter “The swings of love” shall be swinging……


Who We Are

                Inter Act Art inaugurated in 1992 has carried out many activities in the last twenty five years in the field of theater and the performing arts. IAA is a multi-ethnic group, with members of different religions, different cultures and different languages. The staff that organizes the daily activities is managed by a committee that includes Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim representatives.

                IAA was the first organization that introduced the Theatre Forum (Sinhala & Tamil) and the Black Box Theatre in Sri Lanka and the second organization in Southeast Asia to do so. They tried to provide an innovative variation o the traditional theater of Sri Lanka, situated at Sri Jayewardenepura, the capital of Sri Lanka. The main goal of the association is to teach directors, actors, creators, school teachers and university students with the aim to cooperate and experiment with new avant-garde techniques in the field of arts and theater. IAA is proud to be the promoter of the one and only International Theatre Festival of Sri Lanka: “The Colombo International Theatre Festival” (CITF) that was inaugurated in 2012. IAA has a theater space, a small publishing company, a renowned academy of theater and a rehearsal space for private sector employees, dance sessions and theater productions. Some books published by IAA concerning the performing arts and theater are used as reading material of the GCE, the National Institute of Education. The IAA in addition to many activities, gives scholarships to young people of all ethnic groups who want to dedicate themselves to the theatrical sector to help them in achieving their goals. The performances that the students have done have won numerous awards at national and international level.

                IAA also organizes two Alternative National Theater Festivals in addition to the International Theatre Festival, each of which is held annually.

  1. a) Sri Lankan Theatre Festival
  2. b) Black Box Short Play Festival
  3. c) Colombo International Theatre Festival (CITF)

                Itínera Theater Company was created in 2009 in Denmark, called Samka Teatro at the time. In 2010 the company restructured its objectives, changing the name to Itínera – Art in Expansion and established its headquarters in Bogotá (Colombia). In 2013 it opened an office in Barcelona (Spain). Its first stage production, “metaMORPHEOsis” was created between 2010 and 2011 and it was supported by “Young Talents Grant in 2009 ICETEX” (Colombia) and the “Latin America Fund for the Performing Arts IBERESCENA” in 2011 (Spain).

                The theater performance was created in Denmark and it was directed by Else Marie Laukvik, actress of Odin Teatret, Nordisk Teater Laboratorium. It premiered in May 2011 at the “Lux Theater” of Pisa (Italy), with shows in Pontedera and Pistoia. During the creation process the company gave presentations in the juvenile prison of Bogotá, and in the space of the youth group “La Fundación Funámbulo” in Barrio San Luis de la Calera (Bogotá). It took part in the Alternative Theater Festival in 2010 and received the Award “New Theater Festival Arteusaquillo 2011”.  During the year 2012 the Company toured South America, performing in Teatro Maguey, in Lima and in the North American Peruvian Institute of Cusco (Peru). In Bolivia the performance was presented at the “Community of Arts Producers – COMPA of Teatro Trono”. In Paraguay in “Teatro Municipal Ignacio A. Pane” and in “Planta Alta Galería”. It made a presentation in Montevideo (Uruguay) in the cultural center for homeless people “Urbano Cultural”.

                In Argentina it was presented in the cities of Cordoba in the theater “Quinto Deva” and in Jujuy in the theater “Teatro de la Vuelta del Siglo”, among others. In Colombia it performed in theaters such as “Teatro La Guagua” in Pasto, “La Reculá del Ovejo” in Cartagena and “Bernardo Romero Lozano”. Meanwhile, Itínera also organized theater workshops, some for professional performers and others for communities, children, and teenagers, realized in Peru, with the “Cultural Association Puckllay”, in Bolivia with “El Alto Teatro”, in Jujuy with “Estación Perico”, in Uruguay with “Urbano Espacio Cultural”. In Paraguay it realized a scenic workshop with the Corps de Ballet of “Teatro Municipal Ignacio A. Pane”.

                In August 2012 Itínera Company was selected as an Artistic Resident Group in “La Casona de la Danza” with the laboratory “Creación Línea Fronteriza”, that sought to dissolve the idea of the actor or dancer in a wider concept of the performer. This Laboratory gave birth to the stage production “Culpable”, premiered in August 2013 at the “Teatro García Márquez. “Culpable” has been invited to Alternative Festival in 2014, at “Teatro Tecal” and to the “Festival Movimiento Continuo 2014”.  In 2014 Itínera began the last production “Knots – Rules to be happily unhappy” which was co–produced by Nordisk Teater Laboratorium in Denmark, directed by Else Marie Laukvik and presented at “Festival of Women for peace” in 2015, “Teatro Casa de Artistas”, in Bogotá (Colombia) and in many theater festival around the world (Sri Lanka, Egypt, Russia, India…).




IAA- Sri Lanka - Cultured Society; Full of Humanity with a Social and Cultural Change
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