Colombo International Theater Festival 2013

2nd CITF Application


IAA- Sri Lanka - Cultured Society; Full of Humanity with a Social and Cultural Change
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5 Responses to Colombo International Theater Festival 2013

  1. Sachin Tewari says:

    very interesting, particularly in the context of the entire region. more such interactions will cement the pursuit of an alternative aesthetic to the western one – negating the need to imitate imposed aesthetics – and strengthening the necessity to define one’s own – through integration and exploration of possibilities to make it imperative to stand with equal commitment to roots on the world stage. i am sachin tewari, artistic director of campus theatre, allahabad – an independent body which treats all of society as a campus, without being restricted to any restrictive campus. incidentally, i happen to be the founder coordinator of the centre for theatre and film, a pioneering initiative of the university of allahabad, india, and perhaps the first in the region to offer a master’s course – MA in theatre film, which combines the academic with the practical – instead of the traditional diploma which, in today’s world, competitive as i is, doesnt take people far. Also, incidentally, i happen to be professor in english, specializing in contemporary world theatre at the university of allahabad. campus theatre is a member of ASSITEJ, and has been working, apart from performances, to developing TYA for the last 14 years. i would like to interact with counterparts in Sri Lanka, and, given the conditions stipulated, will try to make possible a performance too. in case you feel interested, you can reach me at or 00-91-9935-707-844 or you can write to me at the Centre for Theatre and Film, University of Allahabad, Allahabad – 211 002, India, or at my theatre group address – Sachin Tewari, Artistic Director, Campus Theatre, Allengunj, Allahabad – 211002.till i hear from you, all best for the festival. in case you need details, do let me know. sachin tewari

    • Dear Tewari

      Thanks for you mail. Yes we would like to have a performance from you
      Please refer to our application form and submit accordingly.
      Sine the selection will be first come first basis send your
      application ASP.

      Fest Secretary

      • sachin tewari says:

        Dear Fest Secretary, Thank you for your mail. Bringing a production in the context of your terms may prove difficult – however, I would be perfectly happy to interact with counterparts during the festival, and explore possibilities of increased cooperation, both at the performance and at the academic infra structural levels – as they go hand in hand, each being incomplete without the other – its only in this manner that we can strengthen the formulations we hope to arrive at, collectively. If this fits into your vision of the efficacy of the festival, please do let me know. In case it doesnt, still all our best wishes are with you to make the festival enriching and meaningful in our collective context. All best, with a big God bless for your endeavour. Sachin Tewari

  2. oyunaa says:

    I would like to get more detailed information about your festival, such as what kind of documents i have to submit, what does it require, how many countries will be participating, etc. Does the festival itself have a official website which contains all these information?
    Thank you

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